05 Feb 2019

Titanium dioxide and nanoparticles

Frequently used in the cosmetics or food industry, titanium dioxide is now controversial for its hypothetic toxicity. It is a widely used substance (labeled E171) because of its multiple roles: role on food whiteness or food brightness.

Pending the outcome of further scientific studies (current 2019), ANSES has applied the precautionary principle. Indeed, there is no certitude about the ability of body to evacuate nanoparticles rather than storing them.

Pro Dietic wants to reassure its customers and had to communicate on the subject: there is no titanium dioxide - and by extensions of other ingredients composed of nanoparticles - in developed and manufactured products at Pro Dietic.

If the position of the food industry is today known for the consumer, areas of darkness still hover over their possible prohibition in cosmetics or pharmaceuticals.