Create and innovate; also our business

Pro Dietic offers full-service, tailor-made solutions from product design and formulation through to delivery under your brand name. At every stage the utmost confidentiality is observed.

To this end, our policy responds to its own rule: one formula, one client.

We are able to satisfy all specific requests in the fields of sport, weight-management, nutritional deficiencies and specialized needs. To do so, the Research & Development team is made up of multi-skilled experts, capable of addressing the technological, nutritional and regulatory imperatives inherent to each project.

This personalized support is built on an in-depth knowledge of the functionality of the ingredients selected and possible interactions and includes pilot tests and stability trials on finished products.

Finally, by undertaking constant scientific monitoring we expand the potential to develop formulas which best fit client specifications. Expert, up-to-the minute knowledge of regulations allows us to provide detailed nutritional data documents in line with current legislation.