Production & Packaging

Our guiding principle: versatility coupled with responsibility


For the powder mixes :

Our company is equipped with several packing lines which allow us to adapt to each project. Our blending workshops, with capacities ranging from a few kilos to several tons, offer modular and flexible facilities to achieve the best fit for each product.

In addition, our lines offer multiple filling possibilities, in a range of forms and sizes: stick packs, flat sachets, tins, canisters, tubs, big bags, etc.

For the “ready-to-eat” products :
Our cooking-extrusion line allows us to propose a range of crispy toasts and biscuits, with varying protein contents (as high as 70 %!)

In the same vein, within the framework of our continuous innovation policy, we have installed a line producing high protein spreads, with a number of flavours already available.


Additional services :

This high level of flexibility allows us to deliver more personalized solutions in terms of packaging. We are also able to offer advice on creation and verification of labels, if only to ensure compliance with legal requirements