Mastering the essence of our business

Effectively implemented Food Safety management, the heart of our business.

Food safety is a key concern for Pro Dietic with a twofold purpose :

  • Consumer confidence must be reinforced and maintained
  • The food supply chain must be safer, more secure and more sustainable

With these preoccupations as our guiding framework, Pro Dietic has chosen an internationally recognized certification based on food safety.

As a result of this voluntary approach, Pro Dietic has held FSSC 22000 certification since 2013. Before this date, we were ISO 22000 accredited, in first the 2005 and then 2009 versions.


What does FSSC certification imply?

FSSC 22000 (Food Safety System Certification22000) is an international standard which can be applied to any organization in the food chain (manufacture and transformation) and to food packaging manufacturers. FSSC 22000 is recognized by the GFSI (Global Food Safety Group) the most influential industry-driven interest group for global food distributors.

This standard encompasses the requirements of :

  • ISO 22000 and ISO 22002 for food
  • ISO 22002-4 for food packaging


FSSC 22000 guarantees:

  • Sound management of food quality
  • Reliable identification of potential hazards and implementation of critical control points to minimize or eliminate such hazards (HACCP system)
  • Effective monitoring of health risks for the consumer
  • Continuous improvement of all the steps of the supply chain, from manufacture through to delivery
  • Full traceability of raw materials.


Pro Dietic holds FSSC 22000 certification for the development and manufacture of dehydrated products for nutritional and functional purposes, and is able to meet all your specific development needs, including Organic or kosher products